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Sludge drying

Process principle

Andritz launched a type of paddle sludge dryer. It feeds stock directly, and don't need to backmixing, so that it is suitable for treating sludge of various humidity. A unique biaxial rotation is designed inside the machine. The sludge enter into the dryer form a partly full mixing and mechanical fluidization under the effect of the paddles. Then the sludge heats indirectly by conductor, and the moisture contained in it evaporates rapidly. The machine has a small footprint and little waste gas, which is the advanced choice for projects of small and medium size.

Process characteristics

(1)Indirect heating: ①No other heat loss, low energy consumption; ②No air flow, no odor overflow; ③The toxic, harmful or flammable materials can be safely handled.

(2)Biaxial low-speed operation: ①There is little dust produced in the drying process; ②A minimum equipment wear.

(3)Direct feeding, no need for back-mixing: Suitable for any humidity sludge to be dried; ②Especially suitable for sludge from different sources to be dried intensively.

(4)Ultra-long service life: Using advanced HVOF technology, spray the surface with high-speed oxidation flame, to ensure the best anti-wear effect. In the municipal sludge drying projects, our paddles' service life are between 10 to 20 years in practice.

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