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Soil Deodorization

Process principle

Odor passes through the pipe distribution system, and then slowly upwards through the moist soil filter layer, which is full of active microbial. Using the cells's adsorption and degradation, foul-smelling substances can be decomposed into simple inorganic that non-toxic and harmless. Eventually, the gas gets away from the surface of the biological soil filter in the form of diffusion airflow.

Process characteristics

Low energy consumption, and low requirements for operation or management.

Environmental-friendly, with no secondary pollution.

Compatible with local landscapes.

Suitable for low concentration gas, as well as the odor treatment occasions of high requirements to the environment and landscapes.

Process flow

Biological soil deodorization process can be mainly divided into three steps:

(1) Extracellular adsorption: when passes through the biological soil filters,  the odor substance is adsorbed by the efficient functional microorganisms attached to the surface of the filler, the extracellular polymers and the enzymes produced by the metabolism.
(2) Biological absorption: odor substances adsorbed on the surface of microorganisms are transferred into the cells.
(3) Biological oxidation: odor substances are decomposed into non-toxic and harmless water, carbon dioxide or inorganic salts in the metabolic cycle of microorganisms. Soil filler provide inorganic salts, minerals and partial carbon sources for microorganisms to promote reproduction of microorganisms.

Application field

It is suitable for the municipal sewage treatment plant, pumping station and sanitation with low odor concentration, especially, the places with good  landscape requirements and strict environmental requirements.
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