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Hypothermy Plasma

Process principle

Under the effect of electric field, the ionizer produces a large number of high-energy electron, which impacts on oxygen in air to form a reactive oxygen ion (O2+/-). The active oxygen ions can decompose harmful smell and odor, reunion and eliminate particulate matters, kill pathogenic microbes, as well as, damage and inhibit reproduction of bacteria, viruses and mold.

Process characteristics

The equipment is operational flexibility, which can be used in any time.

Quick response and small footprint

Simple structure, less workload in operation and maintenance

Suitable for low-concentration odor control or indoor air purification with limited site

Process flow

Application field

1, Municipal industry: sewage treatment plant, sludge treatment plant, sewage pumping station, etc.

2, Industrial industry: sanitation (garbage transfer station, landfill, waste treatment plant, etc.), printing and dyeing textile, petrochemical, paper making, food (food processing plant, slaughterhouse, etc.), tobacco, medicine, printing, paint, leather, etc.

3, Others situations: restaurants, airports, stations, hotels, shopping malls,  exhibition halls, stadiums, etc.

Equipment Specifications

Device Model Processing Capacity(m3/h) Power of the Ionizer(W) Size(mm)
NFIU-1000 1000 11 1200×800×800
3000 20 1350×1200×1200
5000 40 1800×1400×1400
8000 108 2100×1500×1500
10000 132 2500×1600×1600

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